Vee Bee is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of ‘Specialized Filtration Equipment’ (Strainers & Filters and Pressure Vessels) for industrial and commercial applications.

Vee Bee offers pipeline filtration solutions as well as being able to retro-fit existing systems.

Whether the need is for a simple low pressure, low flow application or a high pressure, high flow application Vee Bee designs and manufactures strainers and filters specifically to suit your requirements.

We can meet a host of filtration retention levels, specifications and requirements enabling us to offer a wide variety of meshes, materials and ratings ranging from Cast Iron to Inconel and Class 125lb to Class 2500lb and higher.

In addition Vee Bee will supply in accordance with any of your design & construction certification requirements: ASME VIII, ASME ‘U’ Stamp, ANSI B31.3, PD5500 Cat 1,2 & 3, CE/PED, CRN, Norsok, Chinese ‘M’ Stamp, Stoomwezen, Swedish Pressure Vessel Code, Australian Pressure Vessel Code, A.D. Merblatter.

Time is a valuable commodity and to suffer operational downtime, is hugely damaging to output and profitability. For over 60 years, Vee Bee has been a committed and dependable supplier of quality Strainers and Filters to protect customers process equipment (Boilers, Condensers, Flowmeters, Heat Exchangers, Nozzles, Oil Burners, Pumps, Valves and Regulators) from being damaged by pipeline debris, maximising process efficiency.

Vee Bee, cast and fabricated pipeline strainers, filter media for an array of applications. We ensure the highest quality possible from our UK manufacturing base, offering the user 100% efficiency, longer lifetimes and unmatchable reliability.

Various service media include lubricants, chemicals, fuels and gases, steam and water.

Industries currently supplied include: Petrochemical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Power Generation, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper and Water Treatment.