Vee Bee is accustomed to dealing with the world’s major process industries who require products designed and manufactured to the highest international standards. The codes to which we have manufactured and supplied read like a roll of honour, and we are completely familiar with the documentation and certification requirements of inspecting authorities such as Lloyds, Bureau-Veritas and Det Norske Veritas.

Each product manufactured carries with it a passport, which contains all the documentation relevant to the code to which it was designed and constructed, or to the customer’s own specification requirements (if requested).

Codes of Design & Construction

  • ASME VIII ‘U’ Stamp
  • ANSI B31.3
  • PD5500 Cat 1,2 & 3
  • CE/PED
  • CRN
  • Norsok
  • Chinese ‘M’ Stamp
  • Stoomwezen
  • Swedish Pressure Vessel Code
  • Australian Pressure Vessel Code
  • AD Merkbatter