The practical application of scientific and engineering knowledge for discovering new knowledge about products, processes, and services, and then applying that knowledge to create new and improved products, processes, and services that fill market needs.

Design & CalculationsDesign & Calculations
With over 100 years of combined Filtration Industry experience Vee Bee maintains a staff with Advanced Degrees and National Certification in engineering disciplines. Vee Bee, pride themselves on their ability to design in full and manufacture bespoke strainers and filters.

Material Selection / ApprovalMaterial Selection / Approval
Vee Bee always put their parts through vigorous testing before qualifying as acceptable to use components. Vee Bee work closely with their Supplier base to ensure that specific application requirements are covered from all angles.

3-D Modelling3-D Modelling
Vee Bee, have made significant investments in Pro/Engineer, Pro/Mechanica, AutoCAD and many other packages to ensure that every part is built to the customer’s expectations.

C.F.D. & Heat TransferC.F.D. & Heat Transfer
A Computational Technology that can model a strainer or filter allowing for study. Apply the fluid flow physics to this virtual prototype, and the software outputs a prediction of the fluid flow behaviour. It not only predicts fluid flow behaviour, but also the transfer of heat, mass, phase change, chemical reaction and stress or deformation of related solid structures.

Thermal & Cyclic Loading and Transient EffectsThermal & Cyclic Loading and Transient Effects
All aspects of the design build need to considered. Parts such as Gaskets / Bolting / O-Rings / Washers / Connections / Ancillary piping / Gauges and all other related additional parts must be taken into consideration when designing to Thermal, Cyclic, or Transient conditions.

D.P. (Differential Pressure) Loss Calculations & ChartsD.P. (Differential Pressure) Loss Calculations & Charts
Specifically tailored Differential Pressure loss information can be produced for any given product or application.

Velocity and Pressure DistributionVelocity and Pressure Distribution
Ensuring that the simplest of details are covered, for example the orientation of the handle on baskets – what affects does this have on the flow, velocity, pressure and more importantly what effect does it have on the basket or mesh itself?

Upstream Piping EffectsUpstream Piping Effects
Different designs warrant different flow dynamics. The effects of upstream piping configurations will also be considered when designing.

Finite Element Analysis – Peace of mind before manufacture begins. Mathematically a structure can be analyzed and sub-divided into a mesh of finite sized elements of simple shape. After applying the appropriate boundary conditions, the nodal displacements are found by solving the matrix stiffness equation. Once the nodal displacements are known, element stresses and strains can be calculated.

CAD/CAM Casting Methodology
Vee Bee work very closely with their casting foundries to guarantee the highest quality possible. CAD data solidification software maximises the casting process before the pattern is built or any metal has been poured.

Feeders, Risers and Cooling
The feeder and riser sizes, rate of pour and temperature cooling of the metal are all imperative considerations when producing a casting. All these steps are taken to produce the best part first time, defect free.

Flow Testing
Flow testing facilities are available in house should specific data be required on a project by project basis.

Proof Testing
Qualification of design calculations, are checked in first off designs through testing the finished product to destruction in a controlled environment. Following satisfactory results from such examinations the designed products, are still all tested to ensure they meet the most stringent of testing standard design codes.

Problems with your equipment? Contract Vee Bee to perform a full analysis of the following:

  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Particle / Contamination Analysis
  • Suggested Solutions or Alternatives