Cartridge Filters

  • Sizes: 0.5″ (15mm) to 78″+ (1980mm+)
  • Flanged Ends ANSI, BS4504, DIN, BS10, JIS
  • BW Ends from Sched 40 to Sch 100 + Special Sched
  • Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel, S/S, Duplex S/S Alloy Steel or other materials available
  • Maximum pressure rating class 2500lb+ (172 BarG+)

Cartridge Filters are used to purify the operating media to acceptable levels. Cartridge Filters are a fabricated housing incorporating a calculated amount of cartridges for a given clean pressure drop (e.g. 5psid clean). Fabricated Cartridge Housings come in a variety of configurations, materials, pressure ratings and sizes, as do Cartridges. However, Cartridges come in an array of various materials suitable for any given application (i.e. Pleated, Stainless, Glass Fiber, Cellulose, etc…. the list is endless).

Oil should be filtered each time it is transferred from one vessel to another as additional contamination is invariably introduced whenever oil is handled. Gas needs to be conditioned to meet the cleanliness requirements of the system to operate effectively and efficiently. Use the best, and ensure that your system is operating to its maximum efficiency 100% of the time. Use “Genuine Vee Bee Filters” and “protect your most valuable assets”.

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