Tee Type Strainers

Fabrication Tee
tee type strainers

  • Sizes: 0.5″ (15mm) to 78″+ (1980mm+)
  • Flanged Ends ANSI, BS4504, DIN, BS10, JIS
  • BW Ends from Sched 40 to Sch 100 + Special Sched
  • Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel, S/S, Duplex S/S Alloy
  • Steel or other materials available
  • Maximum pressure rating class 2500lb+ (172 BarG+)

Tee Type Strainers are a low cost solution to large nominal bore straining requirements. They can be mounted into vertical or horizontal piping and can be configured for right-angled applications. Tee strainers are most commonly supplied with a range of graded filtration levels (fine to coarse or vice-versa) to ensure that the system is running at the required cleanliness level when met with full load. Tee strainers feature either bolted cover or quick opening covers for application suitability.

tee strainers diagram

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